Move program scheduling
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One. Before moving

Before moving 10 days: If your new residence is being decorated, confirm complete day please, suggest your environmental protection is ventilated a week. During this, you can inform remover bearer is evaluated, move certainly date. Prepare the various data that pack as early as possible. (my company stock packs box)
Before moving 7 days: Measure bridal chamber each room size, measure is large dimension of domestic all electric equipment, all of home of program new residence configures a graph (the attention does not let large home all hold off socket) . Taste belongings classification to arrange next, handle deserted goods. Proposal you acquire date of new home all and move date is stagger.
Before moving 5 days: Clear domestic all ambry, spray insecticide, avoid to take cockroach to new residence. Sweep new residence clean thoroughly, spray in corner and outfall insecticide. The closestool osculum that examines new home is expedite, the ceiling and metope are slack, whether to still have the place that needs solder. Be sure to keep in mind to do the important data of hard disk of the computer in the home good backup, be ready for any eventuality. When demolishing line of equipment of complex seeing and hearing, good number had better be made on circuit and terminal.
Before moving 3 days:
(1) put through cable television line;
(2) conduction phone stops machine or move machine formalities;
(3) use degree finally to inquiry of company of property or electric power, gas, tap water, suspend professional work of bank acting capture;
(4) the announcement is postal change an address with company sending a grandma;
(5) announcement relatives and friends changes an address;
(6) tear open outfit air conditioning and water heater, freezer is cleaned and defrost;
(7) keep certificate, headgear, bankbook, negotiable securities centrally, if be necessary,put bank safe.

2. Move family belongs day

(1) moving before the worker comes, new now old home abandons cloth on floor upper berth, lest cut floor;
(2) before beginning to carry, had better affirm whether the price agrees with the price that decides before again;
(3) exhort again what is the worker valuable and brittle article;
(4) article sends when reaching new home, had better tell a worker big are put on the spot where, leave out the suffering of your overworked;
(5) be in with remover settle accounts before, must first article of check the amount: Whether does examination valuable, brittle article, scattered article have the key to lose or damage, whether does electric home appliances(6) after recording bugle call of contract size, driver full name, car, ability can sign on the contract;
(7) receipt proof or order are asked for after checkout (beautiful letter company is offerred machine hit or manual standard 1 type 4 couplet order) .
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