Item of avoid of lucky day appropriate
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What average person looks in almanac is most, should be daily appropriate is done what, unfavorable one that when what do, division of division of lot put in order, choose an auspicious day also from this column place is written down, add the reference when daily Ji Shixiong, will decide date for the person. After waiting for a reader to understand, need not look for division of choose an auspicious day later. Nevertheless, if involve item of individual character 8, it is better to still want platoon seeking a person.

Was on January 1 with 85 years exemple, write have:

Appropriate: Grow of money of the pay that bring a bed spins sweep abandon eaves sacred bath cuts the garment into parts to rectify brothers into the person

Avoid: Tonsorial herd raises reopen after a cessation of business pay raise builds cultivate stiff cutting to do break ground of Liang An bury to open unripe grave

Us by inside civil can " probably " know a meaning, if want " reopen after a cessation of business " , do not choose a day, optional 3 days, it is to be in when auspicious " child Wu You the last of the twelve Earthly Branches " , namely before dawn 11 to temporarily, midday 11 to temporarily, afternoon 5 to 7 when reach in the evening 9 to 11 when, with character of time of work and rest, optional midday 11 when to temporarily between for beautiful. Notice again additionally that day " develop hare evil spirit east " , the person that resembles hare wants evasive, not east goes. Rise these projects integratedly, can make division of choose an auspicious day.

Now farmer all previous below rank of some annotate on of term of act of choose an auspicious day:

Sacred: Lei Chang of Jing of window of ⒓ of Ge of Li of  of Ga Xian cover like that Ren Long of Jian of vent in the sides of a garment of Bi of  of dried meat Qian of collect of Li Mang busy?

Pray blessing: Gu of La Zhao vent in the sides of a garment treads; Grand of  of good steel of Chinese toon of razor clam Fu?

Beg heir: Suan of  of ┲ of uranous Zheng of ㄗ of boundless and indistinct of scepter of Mie of La of kneecap of the vent in the sides of a garment that drive razor clam?

Open light: Does ruthenium of ┓ of ⒐ of toad of Shan of Piao of dome Jian Ge hold extensive  grand?

Model draw: Slave-girl of brigade anchor  " does horsefly basement lie is Song of bring a case to court of Pan of  of Lian Chi ⒒ taken?

Piece row: Does Xiu of Ling of small ⒐ of narrow one's eyes of pole Xie Ju defend make a present of?

Neat Taoist sacrificial ceremony: Ren Long of refute of paddle of earnest of ⑶ of Qian of Gang of ∑ of Lai of ⒌ of Fu lip  ?

Give ammunition: Does Fu Zhen of  of bluff of Cheng of the  that uncover deficient blame float to drive bath of  of Qian Zhen careless?
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