Child bedroom is geomantic learn
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Hope children will have a bright future, look at female Cheng Feng, this is the wish of each parents, but by Wu Guo the portion bestows favor on fondling daughter, also hope by Wu Xi children has unruffled and comfortable read space, be like a bedroom decorate those who reach a study, be particular about of all without exception to the queen's taste. But pass the interior design that comes for years to operate experience to show, often a lot of people are outsmart oneself, really regrettablly, raise the wall of view child bedroom that abstains from about child room before cannot paste is too beautiful spruce wallpaper (discomposure, be agitated) . Child bedroom wall cannot stick the graph of cavalier battle fighter, avoid the state of mind that good brave produces to fight a wolf on child heart. The doll with child medium room does not close, lock up. Child bedroom floor cannot spread cardinal felt. Child bedroom floor cannot spread felt of long hair ground, contract bronchitic disease easily. On child bedroom wall cannot Qi Fengong is lubricious, individual character easy termagancy is disturbed. Child bedroom should arrange cleanness as far as possible orderly, otherwise the life characteristics with easy messy nurturance. Child desk carries after and left and right sides on the back to cannot develop door child desk to cannot face a toilet. Child desk cannot back toilet bathroom. Child desk left and right sides cannot rush with photograph of toilet bathroom door. Child desk carries after on the back to cannot develop bathroom door. Child bed cannot sleep below bridge or sit below bridge. If child desk faces a window, cannot sunshine is too strong Yi Xin is irritated. Child desk is best cannot sit the French window that relies on the balcony. Child bed cannot be on the balcony (this namely extend after, child bed all or one part go up at the balcony) . Child bed cannot fall on kitchen hearth (suffer from dermatosis, be perturbed easily to enrage impetuous) . Child desk cannot fall on kitchen hearth. Child bed cannot fall on the stage in the toilet. Child desk cannot fall on toilet bathroom. Child bedroom door cannot is opposite with bathroom door strong. Child bedroom cannot be set in machine room edge (especially tiger edge, easy cause cranial nerve feeble) . Child bedroom cannot be set in the balcony next. Child bed cannot be put in divine hall god falling (when the child is normal had better not) , but at (2 buildings) upper part (if when child addle) . Of child bed, desk right reach place of the head of a bed to cannot have motor roll. Child there is not air conditioning, air exhauster on the head of a bed turning (easy head cold) . The child's the head of a bed is fluky before toilet closestool after. Book table seat of the child is fluky the after before sitting in the closestool inside the toilet. Had better not have before the child's desk push content high to oppress (the bookshelf on desk is ill-fated) . The child's book cannot put acoustics on eminent, (if be necessary, criterion most appropriate puts Wu Long limit) . Child the head of a bed can not put a recorder (meeting cranial nerve is feeble) .
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