Move to want to sign a contract without fail
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Move to want to sign a contract to ask a person to move to not forget to sign Jiang Yin of contract report from our correspondent without fail one reader calls our newspaper, when telling new home of him move to a better place or have a promotion, beloved piano is bumped to be damaged in carrying a process, look for remover logic not if really, because those does not have a contract here. The citizen that this reader warns preparation to move many heart, move expenses also should come with the contract standard. When the remover of before Mr Zheng of Jiang Yin says two days of choices is moving, delimit several furniture spent, tableware also was broken into pieces many, but because beforehand was not signed " throw bad furniture how to be compensated for " agreement, accordingly " be unable to speak out about one's grievances " honest " eat " lean one piece of sad 牶 annatto bed board was delimited deep mark, two new dinner service became a fragment. After posing conflict, the other side thinks the spot does not have discovery, not be their responsibility. As we have learned, in looking for a person to move, be damaged of article be absent a few, remover attend to gives birth to sense to make symbolistic compensation after investigation, and many remover have however some " come foolishly antrum " , creating this kind of situation is the part grooms without post at all from personnel of course of study, go after blindly carry rate, because " one day moves a few more, money with respect to earn much " " ' fine workmanship lives slow ' be in an unfavorable situation absolutely! " one bearer says so. Additional, carry a company to be economic expenditure, hand still is received however not quite " tall difficulty is vivid " , have the safeguard such as safety hard also in carrying a process. Yesterday, the reporter consulted concerned law worker, they think to ask a person to move is not bagatelle, answer to sign a contract with the other side. Both sides has although conventional hind became little valuable perhaps damaged furniture, usable law measure protects his rights and interests. Additional, before moving, had better take a picture to furniture and affirm via both sides, ten thousand such conflict are convincing. (the Song Dynasty exceeds)