New residence of move to a better place or have a promotion removes an item
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New residence of move to a better place or have a promotion removes an item on May 2, live in spring Mr Chen of home is hit into service network hot line, seek move service, say the worry that oneself move. Move before Mr Chen one times, because do not have time to look for remover, he sought a telephone call of remover on village wall. After the phone hits the past, the boss says within call, and assure to serve quality. Mr Chen sought advice from a few remover one after another again, still chose former remover finally, after all the price, detail has talked about approach. Who knows to move after the worker comes, still appeared a few misfortunes. Not only the price wants rise, when moving, also be to stumble. Mr Chen says: "Flank of ark of the head of a bed was delimited together, the tableware in paper box is not broken had gap namely. Find remover judge which is right, the other side expresses to be opposite however ' separated the business night ' cannot be in charge of. " new nowadays home has been decorated entirely end, mr Chen is faced with again move, "The thing is not much, can be big home appliance, want or network of service of golden hill evening paper lets a person be at ease. " just as one would expect, move this, very successful. Mr Chen called designedly yesterday come express one's thanks to. Move market the good and bad are intermingled, the citizen must choose to have the remover of credit.