When different ground moves consign common sense
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Railroad consigns a program:
(1) to examine goods place examine goods, after affirming goods accords with carriage regulation, by examine goods personnel issues a consignor the booking note of chapter of lid someone name;
(2) fill in correctly booking note, the name of an article, it is number, clear to fill in in detail to the data such as station, consignor, consignee, arrive according to packing standard bale place had hit pack;
(3) hold the booking note that already had written to be in check to department pound jin weigh, by department pound member use a number of goods and exact amount Gong La pencil to fill in to go up in booking note, build person name rule;
(4) hold booking note to make a bank note to the window that make a bank note, hand in freight, couplet mixes the pick up the goods that gets green to submit an expense account gulesly couplet.
Aviation consigns a note:
(1) the consignor should fill in consign a book, hold this person Id or other and effective certificate to be dealt with to airline consign formalities, issue unit recommendation when necessary;
(2) the authenticity that the consignor answers each content in filling goods to consign a book and place to provide a data and accuracy are responsible;
(3) the goods that differ to traffic condition or cannot transport together because of goods property, consignor part of one's job does not fill in goods consigns a book.