How to sign move contracted
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When the autograph before moving is made an appointment with, the service number that the person that should remove family property certainly above all reachs at the same time and car are counted, carry a place certainly, carry date to reach carry time. If choose to include value kind, be about to indicate the content that carries article, the distance with the pedestrian need when moving also should be made clear on agreement, best first obligate parking space, with avoiding those who add pedestrian space to collect fees; Want special attention the valuation means of remover, whether does the price of the newspaper contain tax, decide the height that model gross weight and article lade, coordinate article caustic with remover? Bad the processing principle when. If the day of the choice is,move auspicious day, also want to decide with remover as early as possible, and be late to avoid to move when affecting auspicious, OK and active to course of study person order the compensation that is late surely, affirm to whether there is the size order of the remover that build appropriate in agreement without fail finally