Shenzhen moves rate
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The following rate is market reference price, our company collect fees with oral talk things over the price and written negotiate the price to go out to allow to move place and move a place to be apart from actually in 15 kilometers less than:
One, bungalow () move bungalow () cost having price: Mechanism, organization 200 yuan, dweller 150 yuan.  
2, the building is in 2 above (contain 2) on every, add 10 yuan below one layer (include cellar) ; The building that has elevator 10 the following
(contain 10) add 10 yuan, 11 - 20 add 20 yuan, with this analogize.  
3, its value is in high-grade entrance furniture when 8000 yuan of above, add receive charge 50-300 yuan (contain other brittle, fragile etc precious
Article) . 4, computer, small-sized copycat, safe (height 80 centimeter are the following) , TV of high-grade acoustics, big screen
(29 inches of above) , 200 establish litre of above freezer every (set) add receive 50 yuan.  
5, carry piano model to be 115 the following when, 180 yuan have price; Price has for 200 yuan when model is 118-125; 130 above are 250
Yuan have price, floor expends other consideration.  
6, should move place and when moving a place to be apart from more than 15 kilometers actually, every exceed one kilometer to add receive 4 yuan. Set) add receive 50 yuan. 7, when car cannot berth reachs the designated position, when needing more than 10 meters to carry the distance of goods artificially, every meters add a yuan.  
8, because reason of client one party causes car to reach,carry personnel to cannot work, when man-hour of incur loss through delay, add receive delay time cost to press horary 80 yuan calculate
(consideration begins after car reachs the designated position 20 minutes, inadequacy is calculated one hour by a hour) .
9, after car reachs the designated position, when the client cancels to use a car because of some kind of reason, collection every car sky sails expend 100 yuan.
10, early 7: 00 previously,
Late 5: 00 later the client uses a car, every number is added receive 30 yuan of evening to serve cost.
11, every ground adds thing of discharging of road traditional Chinese clothes receive 50 yuan. 12, stop too fare, transient bridge to expend by client burden.  
13, ask to order the car that use bitter fleabane beforehand, every number is added receive 30 yuan.
14, line-haul receives 70% freight beforehand. .
15, when needing to use artificial operation only, everybody is horary 50 yuan.  
16, large ice ark, tall safe of 80 centimeter above. Weight is in article of 250 kilograms of above. According to labor intensity. Floor discretion collects fees.
Seventeen, carry rate artificially: Use only when labour carries the person not to need car, collect fees hourly each 40 yuan.

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