Adornment decorates common sense
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Decorate practical than beautiful more important ●
Indoor what is the primary purpose that decorate? Be pure beautification environment? Still create comfortable, convenient household to live through environmental design? The answer is latter apparently.
Leave a suitable behavior space to create the household environment with favorable result of capacious, bright, sound insulation to the bedroom, it is the first element that creates comfortable household life. Namely of furniture and domestic establishment put those who want decent, structure to transform should appropriate, leave suitable behavior space to habitant. Additional, when the design, still should consider air how more current, how to introduce more natural light, so that host can breathe more fresh air in daily activity, at the same time also benefit at antiseptic, disinfection.
All pure adornment that do not have life function design slam the door, in be being designed as far as possible all pure adornment sexes that do not have life function design slam the door, this not only utmost ground was saved decorate charge, and can obtain in the use henceforth intense convenient feeling and intimacy. Because life rhythm is faster and faster, the bedroom environment ability that has compatibility only is obtained long practical.
Good household behavior space creates a good household environment for the triangle, relying on a clever design merely is far insufficient, it still needs to pledge ability of efficient later period construction is able to come true high.
A good behavior space should have 3 gist element: Sex of linearity, unobstructed and blame across sex, it can improve household environment greatly in use process convenient feeling and intimacy.
Best household behavior space is a triangle, in order to ensure the linear distance of behavior space and unobstructed.
Move dresser bedroom, cosmetic of the people that when getting up in the middle of the night, goes out from the reflex in toilet glass, early morning is put pell-mell and coat ark is giant the oppressive feeling of bulk, the Morpheus that meets us brings potential insecurity. Was thought to create pure and comfortable Morpheus vacuum, can move dresser and big chest into change clothes entirely.
Advocate the bedroom is mixed besides a piece of bed outside ark of two the head of a bed, outside the car that puts underwear is being put before only ark of a TV sleeps with, can plan the illume form of wall lamp, it is to prevent desk lamp of the overturn in midnight sleep.
Let " convenient " the place is more convenient, a lot of people have on the habit that the book reads when the toilet, also can have the awkwardness that finishs a toilet to just discover bumf had given out. Between Wei Yu inside design a book to declare wear and can store the space of 4 bumf, all problems were solved.
The function of shoe ark is OK and diversiform, height of face of shoe ark ark should be a meter, this kind of height can let a person be helped up with the most comfortable pose rely on strip pants. The key that draws out from inside bag of garment leg opening, purse can be put to wait temporarily on ark face, impending place can put day of commonly used slipper below, special monarch has shoe cabinet the ground ark that lays aside cloth of shoe brush, shoeshine, shoe, room host can sit easily above brush a shoe.
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