Is the bedroom decorated creat comfortable Morpheus?
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Is the bedroom decorated creat comfortable Morpheus? The bedroom is decorated should consider a function
Before we are being decorated, what consider above all is a function. As the function of the bedroom, the first sleeps namely, morpheus space. It is to eliminate exhaustion next, foster the space of vigor. The characteristic is to let a person can be loosened, rest adequately, without pressure, eliminate noise, have the light of soft beauty, can chat, hear music. At the same time it still should be to have the space that collects a function, space that reflects individual freedom.
What consider next is a style, be Chinese style still is day of type, or it is contemporary, free style.
Bedroom colour should suit family age and disposition
Once the style decided, should the colour of room of make choice of. The colour of the bedroom is on dimensional collocation, should be an original knowledge. Different colour is combined, to jubilating, excited, be agitated, blue, depressing wait for mood change to have immediate effect.
We introduce colour when interior space, besides should understand colorific to accept with repulsion, cannot blindly him according to subjective consciousness be a law onto oneself, because everybody is met to colorific be fond of,change as the growth of the age, also have different feeling to different colour. Warm color is, be like: Red, orange, yellow wait for the individual character with positive performance, have the feeling such as active, Anacreontic, delighted, enthusiastic, ascendancy. Cool color is, if blue, La Zi, La Lu behaves negative attitude,have elegant, gentle, not seek fame and wealth, mysterious, silent, sober feeling. And green violet, yellow, behave middle disposition, bright colour frankness is lively, dim colour has; Secret touch, bright-coloured colour is costly and dazzling, the colour reservation not seek fame and wealth of plain and neat and guileless. Because this is choosing advocate when the colour of the bedroom, fibrous root occupies master disposition and choose the color that suit surely, be in only of colour harmony advocate in the bedroom, ability is enjoyed happy the household that enrichs again lives.
Place article unfavorable and overmuch
Advocate medium decoration also tastes the bedroom with the decoration of other space in the house same, cent is adornment sex and functional sex two kinds big. Generally speaking, decorating kind of decoration to taste is to show itself does not have economic value, and pure do view and admire adorn article, this kind decoration tastes great majority to have strong artistic interest and strong adornment result, can represent master character or particularly commemorable souvenir namely otherwise. Another kind is functional sex decoration is tasted, itself is to have specific use namely, but hold an adornment concurrently to view and admire a gender, this kind adornment, it is mostly with get victory of modelling, colour, wait for a kind to belong to this like lamps and lanterns, book. Put appropriately not only can beautification space, as put tasted diversification, also can add interior lively atmosphere. But because the bedroom still is Morpheus, rest for main purpose, should avoid to place so act the role of too much article, in order to keep the plain and neat of the bedroom, orderly, such ability give a person with peaceful, comfortable recreational space.
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