How to construct ideal contemporary sitting room?
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The flying development of modern science and technology, drove the social life that people high speed runs and domesticity. How does people design the household environment of oneself, the becomes a beautiful, comfortable, considerate host enjoyment that how makes space, already became people to pay close attention to the topic with exploration more, updating the answer ceaselessly.

Contemporary sitting room, everything is used for me

"As long as practical " become stylish slogan, once put forward, wide for be widely read. Stylish those who emphasize is the principle with consummate function, achieve the requirement that realizes a function with least material. With modern insecurity busy life photograph suits, stylish sitting room emphasizes necessary sofa, tea table and setting of assorted electric equipment only, have no longer view and admire the fireplace with strong sex and trival cloth art the beyond the mark adornment such as the curtain. The metope in the graph and smallpox processing become white, the vision that avoids little sitting room is depressive, the ground uses floor board of pure natural woodiness, beautiful and practical. Extend the sitting room to the balcony, enlarge the area of little sitting room, the bedplate that sets buy at the window increases practical with recreational feeling, echo of photograph of concise Roman window belt and sofa, carpet, was full of contemporary feeling. The vitreous tea table with distinctive modelling is little sitting room go up of beautiful anthology, already active bedroom atmosphere, avoid to throw into confusion again the original colour balance in little sitting room.

Not popular, want individual character only

When you the face has 5 doors to (among them one is a door) the sitting room hesitates not before, indecisive when, the stylist that sees us is how of beat sb at his own game, give full play to one's remarkable skill! The sitting room of 5 doors, give a person the first experience even if desultorily big corridor, indispensable TV ark can be depended on without the wall actually. The step that stylist takes is flat making wall of a TV to having the wall of two doors, the balcony get through that will be linked together directly with the sitting room at the same time (blame main wall) , pull the balcony to hall inside, enlarge the area of hall, enhance whole to experience. What make a worker satisfactory most is this TV wall that can reach the summit... as if a screen held back the look with the new person that visit; Come simply again extremely, realized the function of TV ark. The metope that decorates none reveals the disposition characteristic with unrestrained host.

This " not popular, want individual character only " stylish sitting room made medium-sized sitting room offer new thinking for people.

Colour freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting, reductive true me

Colorific chooses bright and beautiful of in order to to be given priority to colourfully, emphasize contrast of changes in temperature, what accumulate with the red, bedding face of the pure colour of large area and small area is blue with small area rosy wait suitably.
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