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The relevant common sense of aviation express

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Alleged aviation express " it is to show the company that has independent corporate organization will enter qualificatory goods or article to amount to a kind of of addressee quick carriage way from the network transport that sends a person to seat passes oneself or act as agent " .

One, the generation of aviation express and development
If entering air-freight means assimilate to noble prime of life, so aviation express can be the youth that cut a figure only. Mere 30 years ago, the carry remand of archives, small baggage can pass post office to undertake only. Relative to the need at the client, the postal service that steps a country not only efficiency is low, security, accuracy also has apparent inadequacy, because this often is being perplexed,be engaged in each personage of international trade, international communication.
A day of March 1969, an American youth waits for a friend inside a marine company, be informed the bill of lading that anchor of boat of a Germany waits to be being made in san Francisco copy in Hawaiian harbor at that time accidentally. If adopt normal approach, bill of lading needs ability of a week to arrive over there, this youth puts forward him to be willing to send archives by plane Hawaiian, ship company administrator discovers through comparing this action is OK and managing costly haven makes expense and demurrage charges are used, gave archives then this youth, after the youth finishs the job instantly contact friend founded company of the first express, pursue the deferent job of file of bank, shipping technically, expand business the Xiaobao such as sample to wrap a service again later. Because emphasize fast, accurate service, from appear, express line of business is engaged in crossing the warm reception of all walks of life of the trade that the country runs, banking, industry development is very rapid

2, the major servicing form of aviation express
1. Door / desk arrives door / desk (Door/Desk of   of Door/Desk   To)
The service of door / desk to door / desk the form also is form of aviation express company's most commonly used a kind of service.
Above all by send a person to inform express of the company in the phone when need, person of the group after express company receives an announcement comes to take, reach the express concentration that all receiving one case next, according to its destination sorting, arrange, make sheet, declare at customs, send past world each district, after reaching destination, deal with Qing Dynasty to close by local branch again, formalities of pick up the goods, in sending to addressee hand. During this, the computer network that the client still can rely on express company is opposite at any time express (basically point to wrap up) the position undertakes inquiring, after express service, also can in time pass on the message through computer network send a person.

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