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The computational method of the chargeable weight of airfreight

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The charge that some clients often can discover freight representative or airline collection is formerer than oneself calculative weight has discrepancy. In airborne business, existing chargeable weight (CHARGABLE WEIGHT) with real weight (GROSS WEIGHT) two weight. Airline is calculated according to the density of goods charge, to deadweight, chargeable weight is equal to real weight, namely the wool quantity of goods; To light goods, the chargeable weight of goods is equal to 167 kilograms of computation according to a stere. Be not worth a kilogram, mantissa round.
The chargeable weight of light goods is formulary:
One, chargeable weight (kilogram) = is long (CM)X is wide (CM)X is tall (CM)/6000
2, chargeable weight (kilogram) the bulk of = goods (CBM) X167 kilogram
In addition, airline is when the outer packing of station measure goods, the real measure that often can compare a case is much give 9 centimeters, if the case has salient, will calculate by salient length. And the goods that the chargeable weight of goods often can offer from airline website dogs get confirming in the service.

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