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Airborne operation flow

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Airborne consign

Deal with consign. Company of each foreign trade and labour trade business are in equipment neat goods, receive the L/C classics examine and verify that come (or via revising) without by accident hind, can deal with consign, mix by L/C namely shipping provision is concerned inside the contract, and goods name, number, shipping date, destination fill in " booking note " provide concerned sheet evidence, company of the motion outside deliver serves as the basis that orders an airliner.

Arrange hold. After motion company receives booking note to reach concerned receipt outside, jointly with Chinese civil aviaton, wait for a circumstance according to deserving to record amount of property of principle, goods, freight, destination, join a flight number, arrange cabin seat or berth, sign and issue boat airway bill by Chinese civil aviaton next.

Machine of loading, outfit. Carry outside company foundation airliner, acting company of each foreign trade or labour trade business extract goods to send into the airport toward storehouse, appoint cabin seat or berth to await fate according to sending goods by shipping order.

Sign and issue carry sheet. Goods outfit machine ends, sign and issue sheet of aviation total use by Chinese civil aviaton, motion company signs and issue aviation to distribute carry sheet outside, sheet of aviation cent carry has original triplet, copy 12. Original triplet, the first gives consignor, the 2nd by outside motion company keep, triplet gives along with goods person of the same trade consignee. Carbon serves as 12 times declare at customs, cent of representative of financial settle accounts, abroad, change trains is dialed wait for utility.
Issue shipping advice. Goods installs machine hind, can issue shipping advice to buyer, so that preparation of the other side pays, atone for sheet, deal with receive money.

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