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1, feast of which a few annulus in content shedding process involves goods to be sure? What kind of danger is planted? Answer: In process of content shedding exercise, as long as involve goods exercise, superintended running link involves goods insurance issue likely. General insurance most suffer attention link to have level of storage exercise, airborne, marine, overland carriage exercise. The insurance of process of exercise of the haven below a lot of circumstances is to serve as the one part of carriage insurance to cast protect. The danger in marine process is planted minute of with average and additional risk, with average divides FPA, with particular average and All Risks again 3 kinds. Medium danger plants overland carriage process to basically have land transportation danger and land transportation All Risks two kinds. The insurance cent in aviation carriage process carries danger and aviation to carry All Risks for aviation two kinds.

2, does insurance company destroy in damage of goods or goods the subrogation of exercise of miss the opportunity begs countervail authority to need what to problem note?

Answer: In impact of law of content shedding insurance, the one party of content shedding contract and underwriter conclude insurance contract. In both sides of blame insurance contract the reason of party causes damage of goods or goods destroys the case that lose falls, the underwriter just undertakes compensatory to goods interest first, acquire goods interest after that square position, authority chases after countervail to responsibility person. Should note the following problems right now. Above all, decide in beforehand goods interest just abandons any rights of any concerned attaint goods without privately, this is to ensure the underwriter manages the right after compensate can get be redeeminged adequately. Next, after underwriter manage compensate, ought to obtain all relevant evidence that try countervail and lawsuit with subrogation, should obtain goods interest to cooperate just. Again, notice belongings conserves with evidence. Content sheds insurance contract often of mark bigger, need exercise belongings to conserve when necessary in order to ensure the underwriter's interest. Finally, impact of content shedding legislation is daedal, professional very strong, seek advice in beforehand and law of after the event so on the professional lawyer that should choose content shedding, maritime side.

3 how to handle order of insurance claim for compensation?

Answer: In produce damage of goods or goods to destroy break, when conduction insurance claim for compensation, need passes the following program: Above all, offer the following bill to insurance company by person of claim for compensation: Insurance policy or insurance proof original, carriage bond, bill, container load plan, to a third party such as carrier responsibility just requests compensatory case report or other only evidence, insurant has fulfilled what should do to seek the document such as countervail formalities, be sure by abroad procuratorial or issue by notary organization of foreign a third party examine report. Maritime the goods loss that cause, all pay by insurance company compensate commonly, the ship does not assume detailed list of proof of shortage of goods of responsibility, damage of goods, claim for compensation to wait. Insurant is doing appropriate to concern formalities, after consign receipt, await insurance company authorized responsibility, whether does the decision give compensate pays, how compensate pays. If insurance company decides to compensate for, pay money to insurant by insurance company finally.
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