Talk about tripartite content to flow
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In recent years, " tripartite content flows " (Third-party Logistics, 3PL) the thought makes current field a topic that discusses extensively. Nevertheless, wrap outside (Outsourcing) the method of content shedding function comes from people the earliest to the product store carry. Be in the United States, the communal storehouse that appears together with postal, cable, phone, railroad and business use a lorry to carry, grow euqally almost with the history of Industrial Revolution. However, current market condition is increasing people to take content seriously what shed function highly, arouse the interest that includes content shedding external again. Businesslike ground, adjust content to flow reasonably, become in order to satisfy changeful market demand increasingly important. Content shedding is producing unprecedented effect, to tripartite outside the strategic issue that the bag becomes a need to give more attention.

" tripartite content flows " one word begins be current at the later period in 80 time, it is respect of a of the bag outside shedding the element of link to undertake to content main consideration at that time. In the investigation of a customer service that 1988 American content sheds administrative committee, mention first " the person that tripartite service is offerred " , this kind of new thinking is brought into in considering function of customer service Wu. It also is used to description " the strategy of the person that offer with the service is allied " , point to especially " the person that content sheds a service to offer " . The contract makes content flow (Contract Logistics) also be the bag outside pointing to what content sheds function. Look from bigger range, include storage not just, carry and EDI information exchange, also include to order goods fulfill, fill automatically carriage tool of goods, choice, pack with stick representative of matched stack of label, product, imports and exports to wait. The service that afore-mentioned right alluding and other a lot of services, enterprise all the more changes direction to make a supplier offer by the contract.

Now, the main thing that tripartite offers sheds function (carry, storage, stock management and auxiliary sex management) already occupied 20% above, and was less than 1982 10% . This kind outside because motor transportation course of study loosens control, many storehouse,bag tendency is greatly / the ceaseless adroitness of carriage supplier business, and user and important thing flows between the person that offer with system of market news news report build. The extends agreement of the bag outside going to the lavatory execution of the growth of the PC and EDI.

The user that tripartite serves and the strategic alliance between the person that offer, content sheds companionate relation to all ask each other more information are public, the business relation that breaks a tradition is manacled, from " be based on trade on " business relation to more of an organic whole, long-term " companionate relation " change. This kind of business relation brings bilateral apparent profit, the dependability that is a system rises, the improvement that the client serves and more businesslike cost outstanding achievement. To user or tripartite supplier, should cast off those who compare a tradition " trade " the influence of the relation is not easy.
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