Content sheds 5 big targets of the system
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Service target: Content shedding system is " bridge, ligament " the one part of the current system of action, it is binding specificly production and reproduction, production and consumption, because this requirement has very strong service. Content shedding system adopts deliver goods, deserve to send wait for a form, it is its are reflected servicely. In technical respect, appear in recent years " the punctual means that offer money " , " flexible the means that offer money " wait, also be its service expression.  

Fast, seasonable target: Seasonable sex not only be service outspread, also be current the requirement that raises to content shedding. Fast, seasonable since a traditional target, it is a contemporary target more. Its reason is to follow a society to produce progress greatly, this one demand is more strong. The such as that in content shedding the domain adopts arrives directly at content shedding, combination to always be carried, management and the technology such as system of freeway, schedule, be this one target reflect.  

Managing target: Managing the fundamental law that is economic domain, what divide current time in content shedding domain is managing outside, because flow to be used up through Cheng big and basically do not increase or raise commodity to use value, precede so managing will reduce investment, it is the important step that rises to yield relatively.  

Dimensions changes an end: With content shedding dimensions sorts systematic cause as content, be come with this pursuit " dimensions benefit " . The dimensions production that produces a field is to be social place approbatory already. Because content sheds a system to compare the stability difference that produces a system, the dimensions that is hard to form a standard consequently changes a pattern. The domain flows to build content to shed a system with disperse or waiting for different kind centrally in content, study content sheds the rate that intensive changes, it is dimensions optimize this one target reflect.  

Inventory moves program sign: Be service outspread, also be the requirement of macroscopical adjusting control, of course, also involve the benefit that spreads systematic itself to content. Structure of measure of means of correct in content shedding domain certain stock, stock, inventory, inventory distributings is this one target reflect.