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Build a sweet scenery with lamplight

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On one: Household is decorated " 6 words classics " thin, thick, appear, leakage, thin, knit

The bedroom of different function, need uses different light, how to choose matching lamp act the role ofing and lamplight color is to have cultured very much.
Lamp of 1. sitting room acts the role of: The lamp of the sitting room is acted the role of should be a purpose in order to create sweet and downy atmosphere, have proper illuminance in order to satisfy visual requirement.

The lamp of 2. bedroom acts the role of: The lamplight of the bedroom need not too bright and intense, want comfortable Jing Ya only, rich emotional appeal can, deserve to go up red, green, yellow different color, let a bedroom form division of a few different lighting.

3. study lamp acts the role of: The study asks to there is directional and bright light on mesa, the desk lamp that can choose incandescent lamp suits relatively.

4. dining-room lamp acts the role of: Dining-room lamp is acted the role of varied, answer to enchase the lamp to give priority to with distributinging on suspension is inferior above table and bright droplight and ceiling. 5. Kitchen lamp acts the role of: The kitchen because hydrosphere is big, dirt oil is more, should use an external form so concise, the lamps and lanterns that cleans easily, it is advisable that general adornment absorbs dome light.

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