The common poisonous flowers and plants in 6 kinds of homes
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Azalea all contains toxin inside the plant of maize cuckoo and flower, feed by accident the meeting is toxic; 4 annulus are contained in the flower of white cuckoo 2 terpene toxoid, the meeting after philtrum poison causes coma of difficulty of vomiting, breath, limb to wait, the person that weigh can cause shock, endanger human body health badly.

Orchid it is sent out those who if hear,give the sweet smell that come is too long, can make a person excessive and excited and bring about insomnia.

Horse's hoof lotus is poisonous, calcium of embedded and many oxalic acid crystallizes to wait with alkaloid, feed by accident can cause insensible wait for toxic symptom.

Cactus pricks embedded and poisonous juice, the meeting after human body is pricked causes the skin red ache, Sao is urticant wait for irritability symptom, bring about the whole body afflictive, be distracted.

Poinsettia entire individual plant is poisonous, especially the white juice in cauline leaf can stimulate the skin red, cause allergic reaction, if feed bine, leaf by accident, have the risk of toxic death.

Toxin is contained in fragrant flower of the root-tuber of aromatic turmeric alkaline, person and animal stay 2 hours in this kind of flowers - 3 hours, meet giddy, appear toxic symptom, serious person still can make hair falls off, should not be in the home grow.