Winter adjusts household to decorate little detail to give darling a healthy env
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The sunlight with wintry dim day reduced fever, northward baby began endless " feline winter " the life, south is indoor and gloomy and cold gloomy and cold environment also makes baby is borne hard, add indoor air to pollute all sorts of brought issues, no matter north is southern, wintry day is a season with provoking baby. So, how to build a warmth to baby comfortable and healthy Ju Jiahuan condition?

   Eliminate indoor air to pollute draft resolution

  1. attention is reasonable and ventilated

Time everyday the window is ventilated, maintain indoor air fresh. Open window take a breath everyday not less than two, every time not less than 30 minutes, and appropriate chooses in the morning, open a window midday, air is right now best, but when if encounter big mist, sand blown by wind,waiting for soup, do not open a window temporarily.

   2. uses indoor air purifying device

Indoor air purifying device is effectively purify dirt, microbial, eliminate indoor environment to pollute, improve indoor air quality, conditional family can consider to use. There are a lot of phyletic air purifying devices on the market at present, but purify a technology in order to use the air of principle of activated carbon adsorption more mature, reliable. Also can send period high to purify air with vinegar in flu, because vinegar volatilizes,is antiseptic effect in air. Special remind do not smoke indoors, lest pollute bedroom environment. Additional, if the bedroom is decorated recently, can consider to use decorate pollution to catch an agent to purify indoor air.

   3. adjustment is indoor humidity

The expert points out, beyond the mark moisture and beyond the mark and dry air are adverse to human body, still can cause a variety of diseases. Accordingly, had better install indoors during winter heating lukewarm, hygroscopic, adjust in time indoor lukewarm, humidity. When humidity is low, might as well adopt the means such as ground aspersion or reinstate humidifier to be added to air wet.

   Condition of core of room of 4. proper afforest

Logical choice flowers is a when optimize indoor air quality simple and practical method. Introduce according to flowers expert, bracketplant can absorb carbon monoxide and formaldehyde; Tian Naxing can absorb air medium benzene and 3 chloric ethylene; China pink can absorb 2 oxidation sulfur and chloride; Chinese rose, rose can absorb vulcanization hydrogen, fluorine to change the harmful gas such as hydrogen, phenol, ether to wait. Besides these, the flower that puts indoors aptly still has bamboo of asparagus, curvature of the spinal column, evergreen, cacti, evergreen cane to wait, unsuited the flowers and plants that raises indoors has lilac, cordate telosma, oleander, foreign a ball made of strips of silk, tulip, Song Bai kind flowers and trees.
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