Wash clothes not the clever way of fade
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Coloured dress material is met fade, technology of this and dye property, printing and dyeing is concerned. If general dye is mostly easy in water (it is especially in suds, hot water and buck) dissolve. The dye below damp condition suffers sunshine action easily also to fade. Dye and fiber lines are united in wedlock not quite stably, catharsis fades easily also.
To make dress material does not drop color, it is to be washed frequently wash gently; 2 it is the word that uses suds and alkaline bath, some of salt must be put in water (a pail of water one small spoon) ; 3 be clear water full should be used immediately after washing clean, do not make soap or alkaline long in dip or rudimental dress material; 4 it is not to want to issue insolate in sunshine, should put in air of shady and cool and ventilated place.


Prevent the dress to fade opportunely

1, catch a case cloth that make or standard cloth with direct dye, the adherent force of general color is poorer, a few salt had better be added in water when catharsis, immerse the dress in solution first 10- - wash again after 15 minutes, can fade with prevent or decreasing.
2, catch the La Bu that make with vulcanization fuel, the adherent force of general color is more powerful, but wearability is poorer. Accordingly, immerse 15 minutes in best preexistence scour, with handle gently small rub with the hands is washed, full of reoccupy clear water. Do not use washboard rub, lest cloth silk is hoar.
3, catch the black cloth that make with oxidation fuel, general coloring is firmer, luster, but encounter gas it is easy to wait for reductive gas extensive is green. So, do not put the black cloth clothes that has washed beside furnace roast.
4, with person Lin Ran makings catchs all sorts of lubricious cloth that make, although colored fastness has been compared, dan Yan color adheres to commonly in bombazine surface. So, wear should avoid friction with this kind of lubricious cloth, the white dew that avoids bombazine comes out, cause fade badly, extensive white phenomenon.


The candle that goes up except clothings opportunely is oily

Use a scalpel first gently raze exterior waxiness, use rough straw paper next two pieces hold the fluctuation in besmirch in the palm respectively, iron 3 times two with electric iron, the quantity of heat that uses electric iron fuses the waxiness inside cloth fiber, fused candle is oily by sponge of rough straw paper. Relapse several times, candle mimeograph can be divided clean.

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