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Morpheus is a of modern big question absolutely, the metropolis when average everybody sleeps in the late evening toes step on 80 arrive 100 times, to step on every time or when face about, your Morpheus can be interrupted, and the Morpheus state that cannot enter deeper arrangement, when you awake every time, this can be accompanied namely have muscle aching, headache the reason that waits for a symptom.

The person that has 5%~10% about suffers from chronic back to ache, the pregnant woman of 90% above can feel the back aches etc the body is unwell. And what there is a kind of U pillow to be able to improve the body well on market now is unwell, it can help the back that prop up and drive up tumid the place with uncomfortable etc of leg, foot. And in sleeping in U pillow when you, your whole body is in to be like the easy moderate like silkworm chrysalis by encircle, it can help you completely remove the body the pressure of departmental cent, reduce the number that you retroflexion in the late evening. U pillow is softness of so mysterious ground and rich flexibility, you can put a lot of kinds of poses to satisfy the different need of the body. Each place of your body can release pressure in easy moderate, coordinate easily, let you can be enjoyed more easy and comfortable with halcyon Morpheus.

   The new idea of healthy lifestyle

U pillow is designed by JEAN KELLY, she is diagnosed to be fibrosarcoma a few years ago, this kind of disease causes her chronic joint and muscle are aching, these ache are tormenting her all the time, make she cannot rest smooth and steadily every night almost, until one day she resembles the pillow like silkworm chrysalis surrounding her body with in the evening, make she had from the Morpheus with the good first time since sicken, u pillow was born so. Since then, u pillow development became the body pillow that has revolutionary sense most.

   Optional life fun is boundless

You also can treat U pillow as the fittings of a furniture, when you watch TV, with child play when, when reading, or it is merely when resting, what you can enjoy it is comfortable. the bicephalous across of U pillow, or curve it prop up mix in back, head cervical, because of it such rich flexibility, you have a variety of put poses to satisfy the need of your body. U pillow suits very much to the everybody in your home, no matter height and weight, it can be offerred the most comfortable prop up. OK and complete machine washs U pillow and fight allergy, pillowcase besides the white that takes oneself, still blue, flaxen, gray can offer an alternative.

   Weight is light, use is big

Deft, breathe freely, fleeciness U pillow won't make you disappointed forever, no matter where you are, you can curve it those who rely on on the body to satisfy your place want is comfortable.

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