Beautification lives in plant of good decoration flowers to decorate derivative
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Domestic bedroom should achieve beautiful, convenient, comfortable requirement, besides deploying necessary furniture implements, even display painting and calligraphy, decorations, handicraft, but if lack flowers floral ornament, can make the person feels a few less opportunity of survival and natural energy. Accordingly, undertake indoor flowers floral is decorated ably, before the wall inside the window, on the desk, space of cabinet edge, corner, with miniascape of stone of hill of plant of flowers and plants, stub, art land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another wait for an ornament, can get comfortable and find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, exuberant, delightful beautification result.

What plant of bedroom illuminative flowers chooses commonly is diminutive potted flowers plant, miniascape, land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another wait. Choose Shi Yinggen to occupy bedroom sky yes condition of the front of size, room, illumination, anthology those are easy survive, seasonal not quite apparent plant, the colour that also should consider flowers plant itself at the same time, configuration, simple sense and character and morals, the color photograph of goods of the made utility with the room, furniture is harmonious, foil in order to get each other, the effect of bring out the best in each other.

Means of flowers plant illuminative has roughly: Shop -- be about to flower or branch are put directly go up in desktop or furniture implements; Fill -- be about to buy of flower, fruit, branches and leaves is put in short inside shallow container, the regular Cheng Fang of leaf of the fruit-bearing shoot that press a flower; Insert -- although flower branches and leaves stands,rise, in be being inserted in vessel to the extend in sky, can present all sorts of attitude; Lean -- be about to the surface that flower branches and leaves or flowers goods rely on to be stuck in ornamental; Dangerous -- be about to potted plant, flowers is suspensory indoors space. Carry the kind with different above, use agile and changeful technique, the ornament gives more wonderful and delightful effect.

Miniascape is the important adornment that applies plant flowers and plants to adorn bedroom court, also be the important step that builds life art atmosphere, the material such as herborize, water, stone, with elaborate conception, design, treatment, the big pool of strange peak different nature, Jiang He verve of architectural of laky, flowers and trees is Baconian in the basin, achieve the natural artistic concept that there is meaning of picture, poetics picture, afford for thought in there is scene, view in the basin.

Land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another it is according to work theme and adornment ask, clever conception is conceived, wait for the branch of nature ornamental plant, leaf, flower, fruit, rootstock cut take, undertake repairing, cut, curved, receive, modelling and become special and artistic adornment, deserve to go up again appropriate container, a few. It is to natural flowers floral is created once more, be natural beauty and life beauty is collective show, can achieve Jing Hualing fetch, cultivate one's morality to raise the effect of sentiment of gender, edify.
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