Can make a simple dress easier iron with freezer opportunely smooth
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1. Stick on clothings have chewing gum hard purify, can put the clothes freezer, become fragile after chewing gum classics is refrigerant, small rub with the hands can purify.

2. Birthday candle puts freezer refrigerant 24 hours, insert on cake again, won't appear the circumstance that candle oil sheds next flyblown cake.

3. Beer, red wine and brandy, can become in the box that make ice a solid ice wine piece, taste do not have local color one time.

4. The legume such as gram, soya bean, red bean is boiled not easily commonly sodden, but should boil first only, freezer safe is put after waiting for refrigeration, take out after the day partly, can boil sodden.

5. Hands or feet by scald, can extend the hands or feet of scald freezer instantly inside, can reduce ache, can avoid to bubble again.

6. Filar simple dress is not easy iron, if sail upstream dress gush,install put into freezer inside hop-pocket, ten minutes are taken out iron very hot, the dress is met very level off.

7. After chestnut is thoroughlied cook rind not easily, after wanting to cool only, freeze 2 hours inside freezer, can make housing flesh detached, pare rise already fast, chestnut flesh complete.

8. Tea, cigarette, medicines and chemical reagents deposits Yu Bing inside box, but 18 months not