Household adornment " 6 word classics " thin, thick, fully, leakage, thin, knit
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On one: Chorion is a treasure, can feed can medicine

The ground decorates material: From occupy the space, angle consideration that reduces floor negative charge less, should be thinner better, for instance marble plank, as long as construction quality is high, do not appear; "Hollow " phenomenon, so choose 6-8 millimeter thick OK. Curtain: Thin model the curtain is very popular. Its reason is high-level building curtilage beardless too the line of sight of apprehension alien; 2 it is sealing of aluminium alloy window very good, the curtain is given priority to with adornment, block wind to be complementary. The ceiling; With thin for the principle, can increase safety factor to occupy a space less at the same time.

Be in " soft adornment " in, a few thicker material has qualitative feeling very much, if bedspread sofa seat cushion, cushion for leaning on is waited a moment; Return somebody to reduce bedplate height, with new, old overlay of mattess of two Xi Mengsai, those who highlighted a bed is comfortable with warmth. Loftier space, can build thicker " platform " , the administrative levels that will behave a space feels and regional, to the person a kind " become more proficient in one's profession " environmental atmosphere and enjoy.

Be aimed at the problem with indoor insufficient light, can increase between each room pervious to light quality, mutual " excuse me " , if the usable craft glass such as the door of each room, partition wall is decorated. The appearance of furniture also had better install glass, make the look can penetrate, the deepness of promotional space feels.

Have " leakage carve " furniture, ceiling, dado. And concealment lighting light source to wait for ornamental at glass of housetop smallpox craft in, make radial leak comes out, these can add the secret touch of the bedroom, rise decorate class.

The household space nowadays very resemble " endomorph " , reason had better be worn to it in decorating adornment set upright a vest " , because this uses fine tall or fore-and-aft color an apparent furniture, and the choice has those who set upright line to act the role of cloth, curtain, can highlight emphasize fore-and-aft structure.

Live in adornment, safety first, if there is material of ground of old person, cheeper criterion to answer in the home,first selection has " furrow " " prevent slippery model " , next, smooth model material of furniture, adornment glances the gender is strong, make eye and psychology produce exhaustion easily, and take " cockle " the surface " coarse " some the beauty that instead has simple sense and guileless, strength, and still have the function that absorbs noise.
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