Life small doohickey: How to let a flower often leave not to die of old age
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1. Wintersweet: Cut a mouth to cut a cross model, in water intrusion.

2. Azalea: Cut is attacked with hammer flat, the dip in preexistence water 2 hours, can last quite long.

3. Qiu Juhua: In brilliant of mint of a few of besmear of place shears a mouth.

4. Qiang small flower: Cut a mouth to use blaze moxibustion, insert a vase again.

5. Camellia is beautiful: In immerge weak brine.

6. Liliaceous: Dip in syrup.

7. Tulip: Several branches are plunged into bundle, in newspaper coiling to insert bottle again outside.

8. Lotus: Fold slimy plug stoma is used after falling, in inserting weak brine again.