Life clew: Dry weather is artful antistatic the expert shows 5 doohickey
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Cold, wind the winter of dry of big, content, in daily life, we often can come up against all sorts of electrostatic phenomena. When dry weather appears, the underwear of chemical fiber quality of a material, carpet, cushion and wall paper suffer attrition to be able to arise electrostatic. Electrostatic body making a person is unwell, still can cause a head painful, insomnia and irritating wait for a symptom, cause rash and rhythm of the heart even wrong, right neurasthenic person endanger with mental person bigger.

When dry weather appears, do not prevent some of water is sprinkled in the home, inconvenience wets the place of the floor, place 9 clear water, can achieve the goal that raises indoor air humidity likewise.

The television works, electrostatic particle can arise all round the screen, these particle a large number of adsorptive aerial bleach dirt, these are electrified bleach dirt to have undesirable effect to human body and skin. Accordingly, the television cannot be put in the bedroom. The window should be opened when people looks TV, maintain 2-3 rice distance with the television, the face should be washed after looking, wash one's hands.

Right electrostatic and old person, child, sensitive person, do not check the heart disease person that gives the pathogeny, neurasthenic wait with the madman, proposal winter wears pure cotton underwear, briefs, in order to decrease electrostatic the bad influence to the person.

Diligent bathe, change clothes frequently, can eliminate the static charge with human body accumulative surface effectively.

What barefoot is helpful for body expressing accumulation is electrostatic release. Accordingly, when lying fallow, do not let off all opportunities of barefoot. (The day asks