Buy a room to want to notice to note a drop
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Many consumer are in when buying a house, because lack necessary ego to protect consciousness and ability, often be in an unfavorable situation be duped. A few item that the attention answers when here will buy a house are listed remind everybody:

One certificate: Consumer is in when buying a house, must see a selling party whether " 5 card " all ready. This " 5 card " it is respectively: Bear the construction of the bureau of land of program licence; that whether this property that build has what project approving of committee of planning, feasibility examines to approve a; program bureau is built with ground licence; appoint or the commodity house of the bureau of canal of room of construction permit; of the bureau that build project sells license.

2 quality: Inquire whether commodity house has the certificate of conformity of check and ratify of qualitative check branch, see a room had better be in wet, see building materials see pattern again already. See a corner whether be balanced, chap, have the water that do not have ooze.

3 areas: Measure an area whether renown accord with actually, raise shrinkproof small area, "Short jin be short of two " .

4 houses price: House price basically is decided according to the area of housing, floor, front. Additional, inside the room accessary establishment (line of power of interior decoration, line means, air conditioning, TV is accepted common conduit of aerial, natural gas) class, also affect house price directly. As we have learned, the bridal chamber that is about to come on stage changed plan to offer relevant measure to price control, want to notice to master the trends of this respect at any time, so that know fairly well is accomplished when buying a house

5 environments: The environmental stand or fall with located building, affect the convenience rate of the value that buys a house and life directly.

6 sanitation: Hygiene experts offerred a certain number of opinions and proposal to standard of contemporary bedroom sanitation, these standards are: Exterminate a surname illuminates? indoor daylighting, hygiene expert thinks, of the area area of the valid area of the window and bedroom room than, should not be less than 1:15; indoor clear height, according to << civil building designs norm >> regulation, indoor clear height is not gotten under 2.8 meters.