The expert reminds: Beware spring flower causes giddy sickness
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100 flowers come in spring sweet, admire the beauty of flowers the love that makes spring of a lot of people. The expert reminds, because a few flowers can secrete some kind to contain venom juice, the person of easy allergy should avoid as far as possible with a variety of containing venom flowers contact.

According to institute of Guangxi traditional Chinese medical science Doctor Ran Maohui introduces dermatological department of the first accessary hospital, after the person of easy allergy contacts poisonous flowers, light person Sao of meeting occurrence skin is urticant, the person that weigh causes giddy, sickness, die even.

The flowers that brings about dizziness includes sensitive plant, tulip to wait. Sensitive plant contains sensitive plant alkaline, the contact is overmuch, can cause brow few and far between, hair becomes yellow, serious person the meeting is nonsked cause hair to fall off; Tulip contains toxin alkaline, the person stays in this kind of flowers, can clear sense is dazed, serious person the likelihood brings about hair to fall off.

The flowers that causes sickness includes azalea, daffodil to wait. Maize azalea contains 4 annulus 2 terpene toxoid, can cause the symptom such as coma of difficulty of vomiting, breath, 4 feet; Because daffodil contains Latin inside bulb but toxin, the meeting after be being fed by accident causes sickness.

Bring about skin unwell flowers to include poinsettia, cacti to wait. Poinsettia entire individual plant is poisonous. Its white is galactic once contact the skin, can make skin generation red wait for hypersensitive shape, feed bine, leaf to have the risk of toxic death by accident; Cactus kind plant, prick embedded and poisonous juice, after human body is pricked, easy cause the skin red, aching, Sao is urticant wait for hypersensitive shape.

Additional, the expert reminds, a few flowers cause human body easily also unwell, feed by accident like lotus of oleander, horse's hoof the meeting is toxic; The flower of evergreen contains toxin inside the leaf, the meeting after be being fed by accident causes tumor of bowel of oral cavity, guttural, esophagus, stomach, harm vocal cords, make the person becomes dumb; Corn poppy entire individual plant is poisonous, especially with fructification noxiousness the biggest, the meeting after be being fed by accident causes central nervous system toxic, can cause life hazard. (Jiang Zunying, Liu Yuanyuan)