Water machine maintain the law can be depended on, plain boiled water of be not
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  bucket installs bad of actor of difficult differentiate of water market good and evil people mixed up, clean water unit begins all sorts of housekeeping money popular: Pure water machine, soft water machine, clean water machine comes on stage in succession. Can they give what we bring health to water really? How should we use these clean water device? For this, the reporter interviewed communication of international of Chinese medical treatment to promote major of can healthy drinking water Zhao Feihong of expert of committee water nutrition. The expert reminds people, use purify water unit must comply with explains the standard is operated; If do not have special need, do not use soft water machine at will.
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 Clean water machine must change filter material regularly

  is current some only aquatic product on the market allege need not change forever filter makings, to this Zhao Feihong says, this is irresponsible to consumer health practice; Still having a kind of possibility additionally is, arenaceous or quartz is only other in this kind of product arenaceous stone kind, they can thick filter the grain impurity in water, wait for like water off a duck's back to organic matter, heavy metal.

  wants clean water machine to have only purify the effect, material of among them clean water changes regularly with respect to need. The experiment proves, after clean water machine exceeds 2 years, although life of clean water material did not arrive, itself circumstance is very flabby also calm, cannot load the action that purifies water again.

  it is reported, if exceed,use time and do not change filter makings, inside the surface of grain has been stayed in by heavy metal or iron wrap up, zinc of among them active part and activation composition copper had not contacted water, cannot rise antiseptic reach the action with purify chloric beyond, immerse like grain of a heavy metal in water, it is more dangerous. Because all sorts of heavy metal are active different also, some also can be activationed and dissolve in water. After activated carbon service life expires, have adsorptive capacity no longer, and all surfaces cover already adsorptive organic matter, become all sorts of microbial education base, bring about bacterial develop, not only cannot purify water quality, can pollute water quality instead.

 Soft water is not healthy water

  Zhao Feihong introduces, the soft water machine that sells on the market at present, use strong acid cation to exchange colophony to undertake bate to water mostly. The active material of colophony ball surface has many sodium ion, when colophony of bring into contact with of cation of the calcium in water, magnesian etc, the active material that goes up with colophony is united in wedlock, sodium ion displacement comes down. After the sodium ion that goes up when colophony is dropped by displacement entirely, colophony loses action because of saturation. The salt water that must spend with many Gao Nong at this moment undertakes retexture to colophony, make active material begins the work afresh -- the natrium with many union is ionic.
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