Village dweller be frighted moves
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The white rice that the cry of midnight woman, hold a memorial ceremony for uses, cat eye in unfamiliar big eye... these are exactly like horror piece the ground of extract in quick succession in appears in Zhengzhou on the west outskirt some village.

Village child is frightened so that dare not be in the home alone, dare not go out more play; Old people also quarrels for this, call the police, complain move even, seek advice from the concerned branch such as the government for many times, be willing pour into love and energy will resolve these horrible episode, but process however one 3 fold.

The reporter is successive much day seek by inquiry, unveil horrible mystery group one by one, also encountered a woman's tragic life story however.

[an added ingredient] 6 years
Of class pupil appeal letter

"Dear uncle aunt, I am an elementary school the student of 6 grade, I am below the circumstance that does not have method ability draws up this appeals of the letter, hope you can help us... " this pupil of 10 years old says in the letter, she should check junior high school immediately, study is very nervous, but do not have idea study every day now, often fear in the heart. In the middle of the night, often hear the cry that there is a woman in the village, shout, name-calling, have the voice that breaks a thing constantly, arrive from at 912 o'clock in the evening all the time before dawn 56 bits.

This student complains, rest in the evening bad, attend class the following day bloodless. And be in their village, often saddle of electric car, bicycle is delimited with bit sodden accident is born indescribably, old people also sees the white garment woman of a with hair dishevelled ambulate in the courtyard constantly, everybody is frightened the be scared in the heart.

This student says, she all along not dare alone a person is in the home, also dare not play in the village by day. Circumstance of this kind of bloodcurdling, began in September from last year, last to now all the time. Threatens so that the family connects oneself house dare not live, want enter a higher school immediately considering her, parents is forced to take her to hire a house to live outside, otherwise, cannot assure normal life at all.

[seek by inquiry] in the middle of the night unmanned approbatory " decorate noise "

What job to produce after all in this village? On September 10, 11 days, the reporter was taking these doubt to visit this village for many times.

Mention this thing, the ground of Mr Zhang continuously that lives in 5 buildings first floor shakes his head sigh. He says, position of this new village it may not be a bad idea of quiet, environment, they moved in 2005, but began in September from last year, in the village not quiet.

A day of last year September, mr Zhang is upstairs and abrupt transmit " phut, phut " the sound that breaks a thing, noise lasted to before dawn all the time at 12 o'clock from midnight at 6 o'clock, noise makes a noise so that Mr Zhang did not sleep good in the evening. At that time, he thinks is upstairs neighbour is being decorated, thinking should show sympathy between neighborhood, so, although he is very angry, just also send complaint in the home.
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