Parents is busy move 4 years old girl be lost
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Parents is busy move 4 years old girl be lost
Policeman 3 hours " search " , help little girl find the home
Parents of report from our correspondent is being driven move into new residence in eve of the Mid-autumn Festival, unexpectedly unwary the guard to the daughter, daughter proper motion walks out of a village to be lost in roadside. Fortunately enthusiasm of frontier defence policeman is aided, little girl just returns the home finally in. Han Jiandong of reporter Xing Hua's reporter
On September 13 morning 10 when make, police station of frontier defence of sea lipstick island is received alarm say, in Hai Dian roadside of insular sea dark green has one little girl to crying. The policeman is driven instantly go to the spot. Face the policeman's inquiry, this little girl of about 34 years old is silent not language, the policeman is forced to bring back little girl police station. In place, female policeman takes out moon cake, drink, this ability teased crying little girl. Because little girl is too little, verbal expression is not clear, the residential village one by one that the policeman is obliged to be near Hai Canglu enquires whose home lost a child. Search through 3 hours, the father king gentleman of little girl was found finally in home of some village resident.
Introduce according to Mr Wang, the little girl of be lost this year 4 years old, hainan brings a person surely. That day morning, busy move drives two people of parental in eve of the Mid-autumn Festival to be moved into new home, nobody attends a medium little girl, unexpectedly little girl walked out of a door to confuse a road alone.