Street of hundred thousands of ant is busy move
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Yesterday morning 7: 30, before the door of inn of duck blood vermicelli made from bean starch around station of district of Nanjing overseas Chinese, of an a dense mass of that grows about two meters " line " all the time from inn doorway outspread arrive by driveway serrate edge. The reporter approachs to look, it is hundred thousands of ant is gotten into from the hole between floor tile so get, busy move removes dirt in past hole.

Reporter immediately called a few entomologist, but they all express so large-scale formic group turn out in full strength, because want to rain,not be certainly. Because ant can overflow the circumstance of den to fall in water, stem earthy carry to mouth of a cave the passageway inside the nest, at the same time to the nest inside below relatively in move. So adj/LIT wide is less than ant ordinary water. Because,moving reason is mostly formic group the amount increases, and around food is in short supply, at this moment ant can undertake removing large-scaly, also may be two ant are planted of course group fight to grab food and territory under one's control.