Petrifaction moves in
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This the Mid-autumn Festival, the staff member of petrifaction headquarters is destined to want to be spent in busy and rushing about in. Two days ago, the information of petrifaction headquarters is mixed in logistics department door already go ahead of the rest is moved be located in street of sunny door Beijing University 22 in large building of petrifaction new office. This 26 intelligence changes new large building to will greet the ingoing of more branch in a few days of future.

When the happy event of the move to a better place or have a promotion that receives old man of another the sources of energy in street of sunny door Beijing University, people can discover oil of the sea in already having, China divine China, China is mobile, medium the state-owend enterprise such as black force pitchs a camp here in succession.

"Next week one we went to work formally in new office building, feast is very busy this mid-autumn. " at what bale in petrifaction employee at the same time busy move searchs glue belt and scissors, at the same time give attention to two or morethings is worn receive the telephone call that hears to often ring, more and in the unit that petrifaction has business dealings already was informed from this month 16 days rise ahead of schedule, can head for street of sunny door Beijing University 22 in arrange with of building of petrifaction new office, and in new address already also changed sadly on petrochemical website. The reporter understands, petrifaction ingoing faces south in after the door, oil also will be garrisoned in sunny door.