Can father agree with 900 million yuan to move
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Limited company of travel of Shenzhen city large phoenix tree announces last week, will be in did not come 8 years, in Chinese parasol the platform on Shan Nalu's favour restores and establish father culture garden, always invest 900 million yuan. Citizen king gentleman thinks, never hear father and Shenzhen have why to concern, the way that throws those representing capital too too far-fetched. (" southern daily " on September 10)
All the time since, people pays attention to the development at economy too too, and intended innocently oversight the protection to culture and inheritance. From the point of this angle, shenzhen city invests 900 million yuan of build " father culture garden " , more or less to reflect to humanitarian care and attention, not only give no cause for more criticism, still make a person gratified.
Nevertheless, if we regard it merely phenomenon of a kind of culture, treat culture even revive, be afraid how many have some of overpraise. In fact, 900 million yuan capital does not come from even if public finance, come from individual or firm investor however, shenzhen is gigantic endowment build " father culture garden " , have the place that deserves deliberate as before.
Above all, investor is admittedly OK " my investment I am done advocate " , do not have even what I draw out money the opinion, do not be afraid that waste breaks money, the people that does not draw out money need not intermeddle more of course, worrying about more just is. Nevertheless, "Father culture garden " build a castle in the air impossibly actually, and sure should take up land, as to its place optional location " park of forest of country of large phoenix tree " , since be " national forest park " , regard common view as the area, belong to all public of course. From the point of this angle, citizen and public should have right to speak of course as the host of scene area just is. And see not hard from inside relevant report, even if is Shenzhen citizen, to " father culture garden " construction also did not reach consensus, it is to have veiled word quite even. Build in national forest park " father culture garden " , whether to accord with the standard of environmental protection, whether the requirement accord with the program, whether is the public agreed with, it is of course to advocate " day person syncretic " " father " open the necessary premise that establishs culture garden.
Next, now nowadays, can say a lot of cities are identifying Zu Guizong actively, what does place have to be born to grow hereat hereat culture celebrity, cannot omit of course, since some celebrity once came round small had lived a few days, or there is countless ties implication in fokelore, sure also should dig the ground the admit posthumously of bottom of probe into of 3 feet, dig is celebrity of this locality culture, old on this foundation write an essay. For a short while, the culture intention that has on culture celebrity body actually already no longer important, celebrity of culture of have the aid of this symbol, the east wind that develops by travel earns economic benefits, just be its backside is true point to. From the point of this angle, "Father " itinerary again wide, very difficult also patronage arrives in those days " Shenzhen " , be without association obviously, however must gigantic endowment make " father culture garden " , it is really too cross dispatch troops without just cause, more the amlposition of culture of generation of hard to avoid and misdirect.
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