Wicked employee ant moves
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1000 prevent 10 thousand prevent, domestic thief is prevented hard. Nearly two some months come to stone of personnel of plant of hardware of ceremony Le Mou, take the nickel in the factory 24 times secretly early or late sell off, final accident. He was approved his to catch with be suspected of larceny by procuratorate of river sea area recently.

According to investigation, guilty suspect Shi Mou in ceremony happy village some hardware factory eletroplates the workshop works. A of this workshop main raw material is metallic nickel. After be informed nickel to hold out valuable information, the bad that he produced to steal nickel to sell fund reads aloud.

Came in June from this year during August, shi Mou uses him next later than others opportunities, early or late for many times from the workshop eletroplate nickel of metal of the fish out inside the pool, good with plastic in bags, in the wall hole that hides at this factory dormitory. Stay in the still of night when, shi Mou returns dormitory wall hole again, taste bribe nickel to take away. Shi Mou tastes all bribe in succession sell some reject the station, get illicit money RMB in all early or late 33100 yuan. End its are seized by the spot, shi Mou has stolen 24 times early or late.

After case hair, handle a case personnel arrives in domiciliary search of Shi Mou a jotter, clear account is worn above money of the time that he steals metallic nickel for many times, amount, earning selling stolen goods. Current, shi Mou already was approved to arrest by procuratorate of people of river sea area, this jotter is withheld to serve as evidence.