The government supports basket net to move
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Beijing time on September 13 " basket net daily " message, new York mayor makes known his position, support house of tennis of Xin Zexi basket to build with all one's strength.

Basket net plans to be in change went to new York 2010 Bulukelin, basket net will build a new gymnasium to regard as in Brooks advocate use. Bruce of basket net boss - the urban forest company of under one's name of Lei Te accept, the construction that is in charge of new ball house. Leitena has a grand plan to developing Bulukelin, urban forest company is building basket network advocate with gymnasium while, still will be all round gymnasium build 16 buildings, these 16 buildings include house house, business to wait with office building and luxurious hotel, whole plan is named to be " Atlantic courtyard " .

"Atlantic courtyard " predict to want to cost 4 billion dollar, apparent and such big project, the support that does not have Newyork city government is no good. Newyork city government to " Atlantic courtyard " very value, already affirmatory the subsidy that offers 300 million dollar, at the same time derate the imposition of dollar of several ten million. To the help of Newyork city government, leitenabing is not contented, he raises a requirement to Newyork city government, on the base that before hoping to be in, 300 million dollar helps, raise 100 million dollar again.

Hope to Leitenaxi the government raises the requirement that capital helps, er of Michael of new York mayor - Bulongboge is being accepted when interviewing, did not make known his position clearly, but he states Newyork city government can all one knows advance " Atlantic courtyard " construction.

"I return inaccuracy to whether go up to invest governmental capital again in the project surely now, but we can use up all effort and Mr Leitena to promote this project together, " Bulongboge says, "This project matters to urban future, the child that can be us offers the job, bring revenue for the city, we need to complete this project, this will be a substantial that Bulukelin develops. This will be a substantial that Bulukelin develops..