Newyork city grows 300 million U.S. dollor to aid network group to move
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Group of Xin Zexi network plans to remove going to new York is not news any more, and house of new this year in December ball break earth, but a few citizens of new York place still object them jointly removing, sue network group employer to the court even Latena. " network group daily paper " message, case of rich of grand of cloth of · of Er of Michael of new York mayor (Michael Bloomberg) public now station comes out to support network group to move reach its " Atlantic court plans " , affirmatory government can offer 300 million U.S. dollor to be used at ball house construction for them.

"We can make great effort, for Mr Latena (network group boss, american estate is big alligator) everything what offer us to be able to be done. " Bulongboge says, "Although we return inaccuracy to whether be met surely now,raise devoted government fund again on this project, but the construction that we can try hard to promote this project. But the construction that we can try hard to promote this project..

Bruce of network group boss Latena plans · C · to went to team whole change new York 2010 Bulukelin area, at the same time network group will build a brand-new gymnasium to regard as in Brooks advocate use, and abandon present IZOD center. The urban forest company of under one's name will be in charge of Latena the construction construction of new ball house, predict to will be in the end of the year (December) break earth.

Two ever have Gothamite to object network group publicly removing before the day, want to go to law< even. "The land that they want to obtain a need and governmental finance support are far from possible, we won't end to their lawsuit, they think in December break earth does not have the door at all! " Daniel · tall De Sitan, a dweller of new York place says. He thinks the project of network group, will play havoc with Bulukelin the position with original division and urban style and features, object network group removing to the utmost new York.

But Newyork city grows today's publicity to make known one's position, invigorated network group and builder greatly. Meanwhile, government before this already affirmatory the subsidy that offers 300 million dollar, and derate network group figures the tax payment of ten million dollar. However to Newyork city government assist energetically, latenabing is not contented, on the base that before he hopes Bulongboge is in, acceptance of 300 million dollar helps, raise 100 million dollar again.

Construction of new ball house is network group only " Atlantic court plans " one part, latena still plans to build 16 high-grade boarding house later, office building, luxurious hotel reachs establishment of other form a complete set, this will be Bulukelin the construction project with the biggest dimensions on area history, predict total cost will reach 4 billion dollar. But as a result of the United States second lend crisis influence, at present Latena raised money only 1.5 billion U.S. dollor, yu Xuezhong sends the as good as of aid of 300 million U.S. dollor of governmental commitment charcoal.
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