Mayor of 13 days of NBA supports network group to move
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New York mayor supports network group to move

According to " network group daily paper " message, er of Michael of new York mayor - Bulongboge (Michael Bloomberg) stands publicly now to support network group to move reach its " Atlantic court plans " , affirmatory government can offer 300 million U.S. dollor to be used at ball house construction for them. Early hearsay network group plans to remove new York, but face many resistance however. "We can make great effort, for Mr Latena (network group boss) everything what offer us to be able to be done. " Bulongboge says, "Although we return inaccuracy to whether be met surely now,raise devoted government fund again on this project, but the construction that we can try hard to promote this project. " Latena's plan is team whole 2010 change goes to new York Bulukelin area, at the same time network group will build a brand-new gymnasium to regard as in Brooks advocate use, and abandon present IZOD center.

Network group boss contends for small emperor with private concern

According to " Washington Post " message, in network group " planned 2010 " in, the mainest character should belong to Lebulang - Zhanmusi. Because he became free player very likely 2010, so major the team in rebuilding hopes to clear early give pay space to so that join small emperor to contend for battle at the appointed time,come, among them network group is regarded as to be small emperor the prospective new boss of the most possible settle. Network group will employ all artifices, and Jay-Z of king of day of afro-american a genre of popular entertainment consisting mainly of talking and singing is sure to go into action. This person and small emperor personal friendship are very close, and one of bosses that his just is network group, concern by right of this so, network group wins out very likely below the circumstance of coequal condition at the appointed time. Recently in interviewing, jay-Z expresses: "My private coach with respect to the attendant edge that resembles him is same. " it is thus clear that two people relation is different from general.

The knight suffers the travelling expenses that strand difference to rise

According to message of media of Salt Lake City, still his knight team suffers strand the growth at viatic expenditure. As a result of airline ticket and baggage transport costs rising, poor travelling expenses has made more and more people anxious. Even if those professional team that send a player big contract at every turn escape hard also the torment of poor travelling expenses. Team boss has discovered, the expense of poor travelling expenses that upsurging affected what the banner leaves team already badly to run. Randy of knight group chairman - Ligebi says, a year in the past, poor travelling expenses of the knight rose at least 10-15% . What make a person helpless more is, because NBA is right norms of guest field trip made strict provision, team of this concede points finds the method that reduces poor travelling expenses very hard. For example NBA requirement team must provide top class hotel for the player, and take charter flight normally.
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