Plant area of Kang Jiang electron removes compensation item is announced
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Kang Jiang electron (002119) plan to trade to the market between the Bank of China trade association applies for to register amount not to exceed certificate of 200 million yuan of short-term financing to issue the forehead to spend. Kang Jiang electron expresses, be being issued this is to be development advocate business Wu, compensatory circulating fund, reduce financing cost.
Announcement shows, this hair is in soon inside two years of period of efficacy or in installment choose machine is issued, issue deadline every time certainly according to capital requirement, the longest do not exceed 365 days. Issue interest rate respect, the active market money rate that the short-term financing certificate that main body close, deadline matchs issues with the company when reference is issued, but not interest rate of loan of bank of prep above the corresponding period. Release investor of orgnaization of country of market of the bond between the bank that the object approves for Chinese people bank, the means that uses remaining sum to have exclusive selling rights by bank of the people's livelihood advocate bear annul.
Kang Jiang electron returns announcement to express, according to Ning Bo city of division of city Yin state develops a program, existing plant area needs to undertake whole removes. Kang Jiang electron drafts with Pan Huo of division of state of Yin of peaceful wave city piece company of area development construction is located in Ning Bo with respect to Kang Jiang electron the building on the plot that village of hole of street abundant home answers below division of city Yin state and ground removes matters concerned is signed industrial the room is torn open.
Be torn open this change land area is thirty-four thousand three hundred square metre, the floor area on the ground is thirty-two thousand four hundred square metre, major equipment compensation includes sewage disposal facility device, medium water is answered with equipment, 17 eletroplate the equipment such as the line. Fire of Pan of division of state of Yin of peaceful wave city piece area development builds company general in installment Xiang Kangjiang electron pays accumulative total amount fee of 115 million compensation. Announcement shows, kang Jiang electron expends one-time economy allowance and award of short duration to label special due, trade this item predicts thirty-six million one hundred and twenty-eight thousand six hundred yuan to realize the profit before duty after deducting net specified amount of face of relevant asset Zhang, press current the accrual after duty of computation of 25% tax rate twenty-seven million and ninety-six thousand five hundred yuan, will plan enter current profit.
In addition, kang Jiang electron drafts additional Xiang Ningbo limited company of blessing peaceful electric equipment buys factory building, predict to finished whole to remove 2009. The integral plant area that plans to buy is state-owned land access forty-six thousand five hundred square metre, building 45 thousand square metre, make over price total to be 109 million yuan. Announcement shows, kang Jiang electron will divide a pace to carry out by the plan remove matters concerned, won't build great and adverse effect to normal production classics.
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