Remove compensation fund will be brought blame is regular accrual
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Hong Kong time 0915 (Dow Jones)- - Kang Jiang electron (002119) is bullish, remove compensation fund will be brought blame is regular accrual, alone removes to affect 9 years possibly to produce, makings go up or finite. On the company Saturday announcement, will expend a RMB because of plant area whole removes and winning compensation 115 million yuan, predict twenty-seven million and ninety-six thousand five hundred yuan to will achieve the earnings after duty because of this. The company reminds at the same time say, will finish whole to remove at 9 the end of the year, because at present plant area is the production of company only to run a place, remove to be opposite possibly its the normal production of 09 year causes certain effect. Separate announcement, plan to apply for to register amount not to exceed 200 million yuan short-term financing certificate to issue the forehead to spend, in order to expand advocate business Wu develops, compensatory circulating fund, reduce financing cost. Company last week 5 stop a card because of holding shareholder plenary meeting 1 day, before stopping a card, close drop 2.60% , sign up for 4.12 yuan.