Police station of sanded river source will remove by the month
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Enter a town into Peng high speed to cooperate municipal project paragraph the construction that transforms project trestle, be located in Chengdu Taurus area politics access police station of 36 sanded river source (weigh a hole before child buccal police station) , will go to at move is being influenced by September hole child buccal north market works temporarily outside 5 willow new station dot.

Yesterday morning, the reporter comes to police station of sanded river source. Outside the gate of police station, the reporter saw police station paste about the annunciate that is about to remove. It is all round police station, apparatus of of all kinds construction has run in succession rise, and inside police station, be on duty the policeman still is dealing with of all kinds formalities for masses.

The member that police station is taught thanks light intensity to say, river source police station is in sand early to built office 1989, the name at that time makes a hole child buccal police station. "In September 2005, police station is incognito the river source that it is sand, and all the time continue to use arrives now. July 2008, we receive the announcement of municipal government, the major project of municipal government enters city stage high to bridge into Peng high speed should pass here, to cooperate municipal project, through the area appoint with Taurus substation agree, we decide to remove police station. We decide to remove police station..

"The police station after removing goes to change hole child buccal north street the office building outside 5 willow new station, serve as over there temporarily police station seat, and the ability after formal police station seat wants to be in 2 years plans to come out. " Xie Jiao guides express, new office site is being prepared, preparation be on duty recieve and the temporary residence permit is dealt with wait for sectional go ahead of the rest to remove in the past, with convenient masses.