Industry of favour China drug business address removes announcement
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What our company and all trustee, inspect thing, senior administrator assure announcement content is true, accurate and complete, state of sex of false to declared account, misdirect is major perhaps omit negative joint liability.

Because the company manages need, since Feburary 1, 2008, the partial administration of the company and directorate office remove to handle official bussiness to new site in succession, already removed at present end. Particular case is as follows:

Place location: Road of north of Zhongshan of city of Jiangsu province Xuzhou 289, zip code: 221007

New address: The road austral democracy of city of Jiangsu province Xuzhou edifice of 69 favour China, zip code: 221009

Concern of firm primary investor manages number of mailbox address and telephone number, fax to all do not produce change.

Hereby announcement.