Shenzhen sounded build e-commerce companies are moving wave number
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"Move" into the near future a large circle of domestic e-commerce buzzword. Shenzhen approved creating the first national model city just over the age of e-commerce, companies have been attracted to pour all over the world. "Febay International decided in January 2011 the company moved its headquarters from Beijing, Shenzhen," recently held in Guangzhou in 2010, e-commerce Fair, Febay International Electronic Commerce Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board Yu-Hua Securities Times reporter in an interview that , Shenzhen, logistics, information flow advantages, coupled with the government to increase support for local e-commerce businesses, the company has launched plans to move. Zhuchaoyinfeng beginning to achieve results Shenzhen formally approved last September to create China's first e-commerce model city, and have issued "the revitalization of the Internet industry in Shenzhen Development Plan (2009-2015)" and "Shenzhen City, the revitalization of the Internet industry development policy," announced the annual investment of 5 for 7 years billion in fiscal funds, and vigorously support the Internet industry and e-commerce industry. Shenzhen SME support policies have come to attract a gold rush, Baidu, Alibaba and other industries are also met with Shenzhen marriage predators. Statistics show that Shenzhen accounted for more than 20% of domestic e-commerce consumer market, the number of e-commerce site in Shenzhen ranks first in the country. Since last September, the introduction of the Alibaba Group to establish the Shenzhen headquarters and international operations headquarters in the South, Baidu has also decided to build an international headquarters in Shenzhen, South China headquarters and R & D center. Industry experts believe that this is only e-business strategy for the layout of their own considerations. But the reporter learned that through the visit, also contributed to the attractiveness of policy support, Shekou, Nanshan District, Futian District, Valley and net international e-commerce Industrial Park, all have built and started investment. "Shenzhen has a lot of policy support at all levels of government e-commerce businesses, encouraging us to move its headquarters to Shenzhen," Yu-Hua told reporters: "For example, Chang Zufei relief is attractive with one of the measures, Febay settled in Shekou International Net Valley, press the relevant provisions can enjoy a five-year rental concession. In addition, the company is about to open its Fei Mate Mall International Mall, Shenzhen has the right place, but also conducive to promoting domestic and foreign institutional linkage. "Baidu CEO Robin Li, chairman and also said that Shenzhen is an open city with geographical advantages, so choose the international headquarters building in Shenzhen. Implementation of policies still need to strengthen E-commerce companies have moved in the field, while in Shenzhen, the Shenzhen local companies are also busy moving. Wong co-Founder of firewood purchased the company recently moved from the shopping district, Huaqiang North, Futian International Electronic Commerce Industrial Park. He said: The reason why e-business industrial park presence, partly because the industrial park to provide a platform for communication and exchange counterparts to help improve the transparency of information, such as regular discussion called the company to facilitate the chain enterprise resource sharing. On the other hand, industrial parks and the integration of resources by the government, can improve the efficiency and cost savings, such as parks offer commercial, taxation and other administrative aspects of agency services, labor cost savings for the company. However, when a reporter arrived at the Merlin International E-Commerce Industrial Park, Futian, found that bank branches and other related facilities have yet to be improved. The park was formerly industrial area, last year the cage for a bird, turned e-commerce concentration camps. Wong Chiu told reporters that the company expects the park to set up bank outlets, logistics, distribution points, canteen, etc., provide one-stop service to solve business to worry about, "also want government relief venue rental fees, tax breaks and other measures can be put in place." Wong Chiu said: Shenzhen appeal from three sides, namely a unique geographical advantage, not only to radiation throughout the Pearl River Delta and the Southeast Asian market can be expanded; Second, personnel and logistics advantages, efficient logistics environment, rich human resources provide strong support for enterprise development; third is the ubiquitous innovative thinking to buy now popular website for example, upstream and downstream customers are immense interest, willing to participate in group buying web Shenzhen station orders to registered users and more than 100% of monthly growth rate. He also stressed, the advantages of e-commerce companies often listed as a stronger and bigger goals, investment and financing system in Shenzhen is relatively perfect, the current e-commerce venture capital industry has begun to vigorously enclosure.