Aunt withdrawals landlord tenant Shenzhen boots in possession of knowledge of
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Mother of a landlord tenant relations were good with women, usually known as exchanges. Early last month, mother taken out from the bank's money not at home, but put the boots in the female tenant. Who wants a few days off hire female tenants want to sublet his place, to coincide with Mother was not at home when the landlord, the tenant moved the girl to get their items back, I do not know the inside story aunt's daughter, the girl agreed to move all of its items. This is a already informed the illegal possession, or a strange combination of circumstances kept in the dark of the misunderstanding? August 2010 mid-day, Longgang Public Security Bureau police station floor to warm the victim of a police on duty received the report, saying it lost a million in cash. Temperature is a 50-year-old in a local landlord, according to its said the yuan money hidden in her girl Liu a tenant in the winter boots, and she now can not find the girl. Original, warm personal friendship aunt and tenants very good girl Liu, Liu Seventeen-year-old, first came to Shenzhen, people are very simple, warm aunt was very like the girl. Recently, Liu has been off-hire for some time, temperature and Mother worried about missing items Liu to call the shots without items moved to their own home. Recently, the temperature is going to have a baby daughter aunt, fear that the money is not convenient at any time, was alone and go to the bank took a yuan to come back, because the family did not put money where, so the temperature and aunt had an idea, the million in cash hid Tenant Liu winter boots, the very peace of mind. Who wants to turn female tenants ready to surrender to his office, to coincide with Mother is not, the girl moved back to take their own items, mother daughter did not know, they put the girl to return all items. Aunt back-to-know, girls winter boots million in cash and disappeared together, and Liu did not phone, could not be contacted. Earlier this month, Ping Liu's hometown to find the police station, and finally learned that Liu is currently living with his cousin. When the police with the victim, who rushed Liu Wen Ji Qi aunt cousin's residence, the women tenants Liu quite surprised and said that he did not have the boots in the possession of any property. Female tenants on the spot to find boots and found that temperature remained intact Aunt million in cash. Aunt Wen Liu spot out some of the cash gifts to show gratitude. Ping police station said that, in fact, both parties are not interested in the case. Liu money on girls winter boots in the fact that, in addition to temperature and aunt own, other people did not know. Even if the tenant subsequently found Xue in the women's cash, private appropriation of the Qi, after police found boots to check non-physical, in the legal level, there is no sufficient evidence that the girl Liu a crime, after all, the girl put the cash Bing Fei Xue inside. Police reminded the public, for valuables and money to proper custody.