Children have to move old woman dissatisfied with the night for the children
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Move, this is a happy thing, herald the beginning of a new life. Mr. Zhong Wang Zhenglan old son for the move, the neighbors and passers-by are surprised to see the old man crying, and said do not want to leave the old house has been empt y. Snowflakes at night in the elderly is to keep the night here. □ reporter Cong Police do not want to move his son to move the old lady Long Huwang 73-year-old telecommunications Wang Zhenglan years old, living in three Lane 10-2, which is a two-story small building, built in 1980, it is a old one. At 8:00 on December 14 o'clock, the old lady at home, too cold, I think of go shopping. The world with rain and snow, she wanted to walk around the supermarket, buy something the way home. Available at the door, see the moving company's truck parked in the garage, furniture, household appliances in the car. Anxious woman, three-step and do step rushed the door, saw his son Mr. Zhong. The old lady was informed that his son called the moving company is. "I do not want to move!" Said the old lady, but the workers are still loaded her things into the car, drove off. The old lady walking, and also Wei a little, not to mention chasing the car, and even the clothes of workers pull dragged vain. Panic, the old lady hit the "110", and called back to his own grandson Konaka, also informed her daughter. Other daughter and grandson arrived, the old lady sitting empty room, wiping away tears, sad endless. Are emptied at home where elderly people sleep at night ah 14 noon, cold, stay in the empty house a family of three, sometimes at a loss. Chung escorted upstairs to a small grandson to see the old lady, on the second floor west room, piled all sorts of things the original had been turned over, very messy. East of the room, the old lady and grandchildren live in the bed did not, did not the cabinet, television, computer workers have been removed completely into a vacancy. At night, how to get ah? Anxious old lady cried. Grandsons, Chung said, "Grandma did not even pieces of thick clothing, the temperature to drop below freezing at night ah. I heard two or three days later the minimum temperature may drop to minus four or five degrees, I can Kangde Zhu, the grandmother how to do ah ?! " Gradually stabilize mood, a talent that, pots and pans are not complete, and would like to skillet with rice, have become difficult. Family decisions, it is not, on the floor to make a ground floor shops, will sleep a night, where quilts and bed can be, when will that is heads? The premise of the original house to the children are not allowed to sell The old lady told reporters that before she and her husband, son, daughter, grandson living in the old house, the youngest daughter is not married to live together. Son after the divorce has been run by the old lady grandson Konaka support. Around 2001, son to the field to do business. She took the pension, barely enough to finish college grandson, now 21 years old Konaka, has internship, she was very pleased. "Around 2004, my son married the following year, I have one little granddaughter, the family lived in old homes. Although inevitable bumps in life, but finally stuck with it." "What kind of business his son, and I generally do not ask, but felt he short of money, to support him, I have tried to help. In 2009, I put old one property to the son." Daughter, Ms. Chung said, "the transfer of property rights, the mother consult me, almost to his knees came up to me. Seven or eight came to me, I agree. I have a condition, the house to my brother can, but in the future to be left My nephew Konaka. " "But now, he sold the house." Said the old lady, "he will have to help me move, I do not want and do not want to live with him, I would rather take in the old house where his grandson too." Child that the mother's consent can later go back on sale Settled the old lady, a telephone contact on the Mr. Zhong and his argument with the mother is completely different. He said, "the mother agreed to sell the house, some people view room, she also took the initiative introduced. Said the house had room rate, and practical. And the neighbors say, they have to move house." "But to say one day a kind old lady." Mr. Zhong said he had three Lane 10-2 to sell the house number, a net gain of 50 million. "The money, part of the bank I use has the money owed in part to pay the down payment, bought the camp after a standard house. It is a small three-bedroom, that is what I consider, my daughter is still small, fell on the city from the account, after a good school. " "Mother and son live in the future can also be labeled after the camp." Mr. Zhong said that, he helped his mother think it over, but the elderly do not understand him and often changed his mind, he wants to sell some models, he is very upset . "Now, I rented a suite here, Jiangbei, Sanshiliangting, I hope they come to live, temporarily transition three months on the line, get our hands on the new house, you can move out after the standard camp." A reporter asked, "cold days, the house is empty, the old lady how to get through the night, you thought about it?" Mr. Zhong said, "an idea she one day, I ask, seek and found no other way. In the morning move, she even 'help' are called out." House is the old woman should keep someone else down 14 evening, the old lady in the empty old house and grandchildren spent the night there, even though the house has been sold to someone else. 15 afternoon, a reporter once again came to old homes, the old man said, in addition to the tree with the help of the community of Delhi, with the exercise of the old sister also sent some bedding. The old lady said the night she will sleep with the grandchildren in this cold old house. Usually no one came, the old lady locked in the house itself, but also blocked the door, afraid of her old house was accounted for. This is a family conflicts, journalists hope that Mr. Zhong proper consultation with her mother a good question, after all, even the heart of mother and child. Cold weather, do not really freeze the old mother.