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Of Japan move the introduction
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Be in Japan, spring is new school year when beginning, also be undergraduate and the employee that move the work are busy moving season. At this moment, the remover that those respect property seriously and has characteristic service became the protagonist of not decline to shoulder a responsibility.

Gentle and simple has not

Occupy Japanese joint company 20 days to report, the service that Japanese remover provides has not, price also apart is very far. Because transfer the work

And moving person need not is move charge and be anxious, because company boss is met,submit an expense account to them. And those people that move because of personal account, must consider cost issue.

The amount that presses carried distance and client family belongs comes to remover collect fees. Of 4 when live in the city home move charge is 100 thousand yen about (add up to 800 dollars about) .

If the client is willing to give high price, remover can provide integrated service. The company is in charge of family belongs carrying not only, still can put the brittle goods such as tableware inside the box respectively, lest damage. Additional, they still can offer article to bale for the client service.

Some remover still can be aimed at the client's characteristic to provide the service that suits them, for example, offer characteristic service to wait for single public figure and female client.

Moving in the service, "Bachelor bales service " it is cheaper, need about 1. 780 thousand yen (add up to 142 dollars about) . Him client clears away private article, remover is in charge of baling electric home appliances

Move budget

A lot of remover can be offerred for the client move freely budget. Professional personage suggests client money compares 3, go to a few companies making a budget more, choose the company that makes oneself satisfactory. Additional, the client decides whether remover can provide insurance and compensation even.

If the client does not have family or friend help to carry property, they need employ porter. Be in Tokyo, two kinds collect fees method. One kind is, every porter is horary 6500 yen (add up to 52 dollars about) ; Another kind is, every worker inside two hours 8000 yen (add up to 64 dollars about) , add hourly later receive 3000 yen (add up to 24 dollars about) . The client can choose to pay cost way according to his actual condition, these are to move the content that the budget should consider.

Additional, the client can land the website of remover, input the weight of family belongs. The company can tell them, ought to lease the truck of what model.

Additional kind of service

Besides bale and budget, a lot of remover still try to be unique, offer additional kind of service, "Artistic remover " it is a very good example.
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