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Carry on starts antique city move write down
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The 18 antique market that enters this meeting manages a delegate to remove to antique market whole express to understand and support.

Before carry on promotes market of antique of Lu Xun native place to be born at 4 years. At that time, limited company of native place of Lu Xun of Xiang Shaoxing of home of our city famous Tibet Mr Sun Haifang rents next Lu Xun native place the stage door house of 1000 much square metre, next sublease is managed to each. Rented last year in March expire, sun Haifang no longer bear hire manage, limited company of Lu Xun native place prepares market of close down antique to develop thematic culture hotel at that time, but in view of antique market still does not have appropriate new ground at that time, manage to take care of door actual condition, limited company of Lu Xun native place take-overed antique market, manage a house that signed by a definite date one year to rent a contract with 33. Recently, antique market building is rented expire, limited company of Lu Xun native place and city antique chamber of commerce talk things over for many times, obtain Yue Guowen to change the support of museum, in street of edge of road of this museum resurgence the antique market with 3 buildings new open.

Respecting hire problem, acceptance of curator of museum of the culture that jump over a country can offer the 6.5 privilege that lose, jump over a country namely the average rent of culture museum storefront is taller than the hire of antique city Debuduo.

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter comes to company of group of city article brigade again, this company shows about chief, whole of market of antique of Lu Xun native place removes to promote the urban district to extend condition of industry of native place of overseas travel market, Lu Xun to optimize to carry on, state-owned and unused asset dish lively interest in order to and do further do market of Jiang Shaoxing antique to all have important sense greatly. This controller emphasizes repeatedly, "This matter passes careful consideration, already sufficient take into account arrived to manage door interest. " at present, whole of market of antique of Lu Xun native place removes the opportunity is already mature.