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Distance causes move dispute
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"Before moving, did not say to have ' the distance is expended ' , to the place let hand in 50 yuan again ' the distance is expended ' , close unreasonable? " yesterday, ms. Guo said an irritated worry.

Ms. Guo says, yesterday, she employed a lucky remover move car, after both sides talks about good price, after bearer moves all sorts of furniture to the car, remover chief says to want to add 50 yuan " the distance is expended " , ms. Guo thinks to ought not to close, both sides produces conflict.

Zhengzhou city traffic carries management to be in peak of Wang Yan of freight division section chief to say, the basis is active collect fees policy, still have no remover " the distance is expended " say, superintending still is blank, close not to receive a key to depend on bilateral beforehand talking things over. When the thing person say > > > " is the distance expended " what cost be after all? A chief says lucky remover, because a lot of clients want the destination that move to be apart from road to wait for a reason to cause car to cannot be stood by too far, need worker Sunday run is carried, be about collection is apart from cost. "General distance is in 20 meters of less than, do not collect distance fee. Do not collect distance fee..