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Of the disabled move story
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This afternoon, namely Ms. Li of Chinese ink hits a phone to say, there is piece of unused unused in her home Xi Mengsai bed, she wants to give the disabled that needs a help this piece of bed, "I plan to give Saturday send the past. "I plan to give Saturday send the past..

The citizen plum lady that lives in dragon pool road also hits a phone to say, she is willing to send the disabled quilt of the two beds in the home. The reporter understands, to afternoon 5 when make, shared nearly 50 citizens to make the telephone call that presents love.

4 remover wish to help

"See ' move ' word I am more sensitive, because this is our own job, we are willing to help them freely move. " this morning, after the story that sees our newspaper, rich amount to move plum the manager hits a phone to say, oneself have a relative, also be the disabled, through be being contacted with this kin, he can experience the disabled's hardships. "Be in especially big Leng Tian, it is more difficult that the disabled moves. This moment, they need to help. They need to help..

The Zhao manager of black ant remover also expresses, the disabled that if need helps,moves, they are met certainly free dispatch a vehicle gives a person. "Actually at ordinary times we are moving in the process, encounter disabled family, also do not collect fees commonly, do not have other reason, not allow really because of them easy. " Zhao director says.

Move to the disabled likewise those who extend aid still have rich hair moves and move smoothly. Among them young lady of king of director of office of rich hair firm expresses, want their timeline to must come over only, regular meeting helps freely. In the meantime, she still says, these days can make a staff member advertent, the client has the articles for daily use that waits not to want without the bed, if have, meet disabled friend send.

What need most is bed and mattess

"Be about to cross the Spring Festival, so much person helps now, I move new home to spend the New Year certainly. " the disabled that divides cheap of saddle hill road to rent a house makes a gentleman say gladly, he and the daughter that attend a college divided the room of a nearly 30 square metre. Because the daughter is necessary without mattess and other life,taste, he fails to be moved into new home all the time.

The reporter is interviewed in understanding arrives, in the disabled friend that already was moved or is about to move into cheap of saddle hill road to rent a house, outside the difficulty that moves besides existence, still basically facing the difficulty that articles for daily use is in short supply, among them most those who be short of is bed and mattess. Because,this basically is, living space is very little before these disableds, an a few mouth people are squeezed on a piece of bed to sleep, and new now building is old, the child had separate room, because this need buys piece of bed again.
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